AWS re:Invent — Day 2 reflections
  • SignalHub — A good tool for alerting from security automations
  • LambdaCanary — A tool to make sure that you Lambda functions (for IR) are in place and have the correct code from a parent to a child account.
  • GuardDuty Multi-Account Manager — The name is pretty descriptive.
  • MozDef — Mozilla Defense Platform — An OpenSource Siem
  • ExposedKeyRemediator-v2 — A tool to lock down exposed AWS keys.
  • It does the nitty gritty stuff around envelope encryption for you.
  • It easily allows you to encrypt against multiple CMK’s in multiple regions
  • They made all the mistakes for you (and corrected them) and made client side encryption using KMS easy and secure.



CISO of Schuberg Philis

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